A modern musical comedy with a psychiatric twist, Neurosis is the story of two best friends - Frank and his neurosis - who embark on a quest to find happiness. Along the way, Frank meets the girl of his dreams, but watch out, she's got a neurosis of her own.

Falling in love means breaking down barriers, which threatens the neuroses' existence. But can happiness be true if it means giving up a part of yourself?



"Silly, sappy, smart, and classy - and terribly funny... You'll be astonished... Relentlessly clever... It's irresistible!" - Ithaca Times

"Polished beyond its years... An all-out melee of self-deprecation, misguided advice and nervous muttering. And it's really funny." - Auburn Citizen

"Achieves the success that standing-ovation crowds crave..." - Syracuse New Times

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